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BYX Warehousing

Full-line LTL trucking doesn't just start and end at the edge of the truck bed. Recognizing that storage is an important need for many freight shipping customers, Best Yet Express offers warehousing in our new storage facility. Our 53,000 square foot warehouse, located in Los Angeles, can comfortably accommodate your merchandise securely, for short- or long-term periods, in integration with the rest of our shipping services.

When you choose to store your products at the BYX warehouse, you can lay all your security concerns to rest. Our storage facility is a new building outfitted with state of the art cameras, ensuring the utmost security of your products and putting your mind at ease.

Your merchandise can remain at our storage facilities for short- or long-term stays. As in our LTL trucking vehicle fleet, our storage capabilities encompass all types of products.

Even if your business does not sell or trade in any of these products, contact Best Yet Express and we'll work our hardest to accommodate the specific needs for storing your merchandise.

Storing with Best Yet Express also guarantees integration with the rest of the company's services. For instance, we offer same-day pull and delivery of stored goods – a seamless transition from the pause of storage to the completion of a finalized delivery.

If you're in need of a freight company in Los Angeles that can offer all of these services under one roof, then choose Best Yet Express. To arrange storage or to ask specific questions about your storage needs, just call us at 310-323-1880.

In our warehouse, we currently store items as varied as:

Our customers say...

They also offer permanent and temporary storage at a reasonable rate; this helps tremendously when we sometimes need a temporary buffer for our warehouse.

I am very pleased overall with BYX’s overall performance and would recommend them to other companies that require transport and storage in the LA area.

– Steve

BYX: Reasonable rates for temporary or permanent storage.